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CBD and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders like social anxiety are the most common mental health concerns in the United States. An estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. (18%) have an anxiety disorder. Children and teenagers combined are 8% of the U.S. population.
National Alliance on Mental Illness writes:
Most people develop symptoms of anxiety disorders before age 21 and women are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder than men.
Rates appear to be higher in the United States and Europe.

CBD impact on anxiety

Studies and reports from patients indicate that as little as a single dose of CBD can drastically reduce social anxiety and related symptoms, such as cognitive impairment, difficulties in speech delivery, and frantic, anticipatory speech.

CBD dosage for anxiety

The recommended dosage is usually mentioned on the CBD product itself. If not, generally take the SOL CBD tincture 1 to 3 times daily. That’s 5 mg of CBD per serving. Start with 1 drop, up to 3 under the tongue for 60 seconds and then swallow.
Alternatively if pills are your preferred method of intake, take 1 to 3 water soluble CBD capsules daily. Taking more is not harmful so you should experiment to find your ideal dose as everyone is different.
You can start with the above recommended dosage and increase the dose if you don’t experience an adequate level of relief. Dr. Al Frankel, M.D., of Greenbridge Medical, a California-based cannabis medical therapy practice has experience treating hundreds of patients for anxiety with CBD. He maintains that very low doses of high-quality cannabis flower extracted CBD, as small as 2mg, are often effective at treating anxiety. Dr. Frankel writes:
For anxiety, I generally start with 4 mg three times daily and in most cases this is enough. If not, I will increase the CBD and sometimes add THC to the cannabinoid regimen.
Alternatively you can start with a high dose for the first 3-4 days which will show you what ‘full relief’ from anxiety should feel like. Some patients reported the need for larger doses of CBD (~30 – 37.5mg), for the first 3-4 days, to help them find relief from severe anxiety. Taking a large dose helps saturate the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and fat cells with CBDAfter experiencing a calm mind, you can down to the lowest dose that gives you an adequate level of relief.
A CBD overdose is practically impossible as it’s known to be non-toxic even at extreme doses of 1500mg per day. For over thousands of years not a single death has been recorded associated with cannabis use. Years of research on the topic have shown there is no fatal overdose level with cannabis use.
Since CBD is non psychoactive compared to THC, it is even more safe as you don’t have to deal with the side effects mostly caused by the THC cannabinoid. It is said that CBD counteracts the THC’s being high or stoned feeling, however from personal experience I found it actually increases the high.
Personally I would not advice THC use for anxiety but you are free to experiment if it can benefit you.

Success stories from anxiety patients

There is an increasing number of reports from patients with anxiety who benefited from CBD in practise and as such confirm the scientific studies & results. Some get widespread media coverage, others are reports from patients done on blogs, social media and videos.

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CBD and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders like social anxiety are the most common mental health concerns in the United States. An estimated  40 million adult...