Thursday, April 5, 2018


Red Raspberry Leaf

Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry Leaves)

Red raspberry leaf has become the herb of choice for pregnant women due to it's ability to tone the uterus, shorten labor, and help prevent cervical tears, but I would also like to list its benefits outside of pregnancy.  We regularly consume this herb in our household as a tea.

Here are just some of the other benefits of red raspberry leaf:

*helps to balance hormones
*rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, manganese, and phosphous
*rich in vitamins A, B, and C
*due to it's astringent (tightening) properties, this herb is excellent for diarrhea, even for children
*good to use when you have a cold or a fever because of it's antiviral and antibacterial properties
*helps with sterility
*bleeding and inflamed gums
*helps to reduce blood sugar

My favorite way to use this herb is to make a tea with the leaves.  Adults and children can take this herb.

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