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7 Tips to Control Persistent Back Pain

7 Tips to Control Persistent Back Pain Is your back in pain all the time?  Does it affect your life and how active you are?  You are not alone – millions of Americans are afflicted with persistent back pain, and it is the primary reason for disability among individuals under 45 years of age.  The typical response for people with chronic back pain is to become less active, but this can make the pain worse. People with chronic back pain often decrease their activity level to prevent further damage, and some may stop working altogether.  Cutting back on physical activities that you once enjoyed can dampen your spirit and quality of life, and this may postpone your recovery.  Friends, family members, and employers can also slow your recovery by being too helpful instead of making you more active, which could aid in your recovery. If you think you have chronic back pain, read on, and learn the signs and symptoms of persistent back pain, the causes for this type of back pain, and some tips on …