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1.What are MyDailySprays? 

MyDailySprays are the first product line at MyDailyChoice. There are 3 sprays: Peak, Boost, and Shield. Each product contains all natural ingredients and is great for energy, nutrition, performance, and protecting the body.

2. What benefits can I expect from the sprays? 

At MyDailyChoice, we DO NOT guarantee any benefits from using the sprays. In addition, the sprays are not used to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Some customers say that our sprays give them more energy, enhance their performance, and help to alkalize & protect their bodies. How long does each bottle last? Each bottle will last about 30 days if you are doing 5 sprays per day. If you are doing 10 sprays per day, each bottle will last about 2 weeks.

3.  Is Deer Antler Velvet safe and humane? 

Deer Antler Velvet is a unique super food that has the most concentrated source of nutritional substances ever discovered in the animal kingdom. Deer Antler is 100% natural and safe. Many studies have shown positive effects and zero reactions due to it being nontoxic. Deer Antler supplementation has a long history of safe usage that goes back thousands of years. In addition, the deer are not harmed when our Deer Antler Velvet is collected. The antlers are removed while the Deer are alive and the procedure is quick and painless. After the procedure, the deer are released. It’s important to understand that antlered deer can be very dangerous to a herd and sometimes antler removal is required on deer farms.

4. Can I take the products while on medications? 

Our products are all natural and safe to the human body. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor or physician before using the sprays if you are worried about your medication. How long does it take to get my product? If you are based in the USA, your product should arrive within 7-10 business days. If you are international, your product could take up to 21 days to arrive. Every country is different. Please email Support@MyDailyChoice.com if you have any issues.

5. Do you have a money back guarantee?

 We have a 30-day money back guarantee. You may return your product within 30 days of purchasing. If you return your product within that time period, you are eligible for a refund. How does your marketing system work? Our marketing system comes with a lead capture page funnel, marketing tour, and fear of loss auto-responder campaign. Every person who takes the free tour on our system becomes a “pre-enrollee” in your tree. Every Thursday night at midnight all of the PAID AFFILIATES will leapfrog the pre-enrollees. If a pre-enrollee upgrades or secures their position, they will hold the PAID AFFILIATES underneath them. This happens every week and allows your business to grow at lightning speed!

6. How do I login to my back office? 

To login to your back office, visit www.MyDailyChoice.com/login and put your username and password in. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the password help button. You can also email Support@MyDailyChoice.com How many countries are we shipping product to? Currently, we are accepting orders and shipping products to 150+ countries worldwide. On our “order page” you can find the drop down of all of the countries.

7. What happens if my people’s transactions say fraud alert? 

Because we are accepting orders in almost every country in the world, there is a higher risk for fraudulent transactions. Fraud can cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars…and in some cases, millions. Our goal is to prevent fraud to keep the company profitable and able to pay out the most in commissions. Some of your people will be flagged down with a fraud alert. Don’t panic – instruct them to send in their info to Support@MyDailyChoice.com and we will clear their order for them to try again. How do I place people? In your back office, go to “settings”, click on “Rotator”, and set your preferences for left leg, right leg, or alternate legs. Based on that setting, you can decide where your pre-enrollees and paid affiliates will be placed.

8. Can pre-enrollees sign people up? 

No. A pre-enrollee only has a temporary position where they can gather more info and see the tree growing. How can MyDailyChoice afford to payout 85% in the compensation plan? MyDailyChoice can afford an 85% payout in the compensation plan because of our virtual technology. We outsource our support and we own our own software/systems. We pay cash for everything and we are 100% debt-free. We don’t have a big corporate office – we use an iCloud set up. This eliminates the high costs of running a business and where a lot of companies are at 40-60%; we are able to pay 85%.

9. How do I set up my auto ship and why do I need it? 

Go to your back office and under “settings”, you will find the auto ship section. You want an auto ship so you can have a steady supply of product for personal use and sampling. Also, an auto ship qualifies you with PV so you can maximize the compensation plan. We highly recommend you stay on auto ship and train your team to do the same. The more auto ships in your business, the more residual income you will generate.

10. How do I access my website? 

Go to your back office and click on “My Website.” The corporate site bypasses the pre-enrollee/capture page system and allows people to see the full marketing site without any follow up campaigns. The pre-enrollee capture page site pre-enrolls your leads and follows up with them automatically. How do I pre-enroll people? Use your lead capture page site under “My Website.” When each lead fills out their name, phone, and email address, they become a pre-enrollee in your team.

11.  How do I order more products? 

To order more product, click on the “Shop” tab in your back office. You can order individual bottles or our packs. For bulk orders, email Josh@MyDailyChoice.com How can I upgrade my account? In your back office, click on the “Shop” tab. Buying a director pack, or executive pack will automatically upgrade your account. To be considered as an upgraded affiliate, you must do this within 90 days of signing up as an affiliate. 

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